Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My 3 year old love his Grammy!

My son, who is 3, loves talking on the phone to his grandparents! Almost every day he asks to talk to either my husband's parents or mine. Today it was Grammy's turn. We were heading downstairs to fix lunch and my son says he wants to talk to Grammy and Poppy. Poppy is working, so he can't talk to him, but Grammy is retired and is home during the day now. I tell him he can talk to Grammy while I fix lunch. He talks and talks and talks, and then he hits his mouth on the kitchen chair and his lip starts bleeding and he has to get off (plus it was time to eat). Later he says he needed to talk to Grammy more, he wasn't done talking to her. I called later when I actually had time to talk and he talked to her some more. At some point he put the phone down, so I picked it back up and finished my conversation, then quickly finished up the conversation after hubby called to tell me he was almost home and needed help getting stuff out of the car in the rain. A few minutes later my son said he needed to talk to Grammy again because he was finished talking to her. I guess we are lucky we all have AT&T cell plans and can talk for free!! Gotta love free mobile to mobile calls!!

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