Wednesday, September 3, 2008


About a week ago my friend asked me to embroider a t-shirt for a birthday present. No problem, except even with the help of people on SewForum I couldn't find the exact font she wanted. She said to find the best match and go with it. Great! So, I get some letters digitized from somebody on the forum, but I decided none of the letters were close enough to the one she wanted. Did I mention she was fine with one of them! :-) Anyway, today I decide I'm going to do some more looking and find a font that is probably as close as I'm going to find without going through thousands of fonts or knowing the font name ( She and I were chatting through Skype while I was working on this and she agreed some of the ones I found were good matches. I ended up using blueberry foxhound. Did a test stitch out, which stitches out great. Send her a photo of the stitch out and she agrees it looks good. So, tonight I stitch it out on the shirt and what do you know, I'm not happy with the stitch out!! I sat there the entire time, but the thread shredded a couple or three times and I stopped, rethreaded, backed up a few stitches and started up again. One of the problems was at one point one strand of the thread snapped, but I didn't realize it until many, many stitches later and it just didn't look right compared to the rest. Tried to fix it, but still not happy! All I can say is knit is tricky to stitch on and I probably should have used a different stabilizer (although I did use the ones I always use!). Now I just hope I can find a new red t-shirt to try it again!!

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