Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving clothes

So, I'm a little behind on posting. I started off thinking I needed to make some embroidered shirts/outfits for my kids for Thanksgiving. Before I started making them I decided my niece and nephew needed shirts/outfits too. I don't recall exactly when I started, but it was just a few days before Thanksgiving when I had the time. First I made shirts (onesie for my daughter) for each of the kids (4 total) and then moved on to make skirts for the girls and then finished a dress I cut out for my daughter before I ever started the Thanksgiving stuff. Silly me forgot to get a picture of the skirt I made for my niece (I REALLY wish I got a picture because it would have been a good sample for my website!!). I'll have to check with my Mom to see if she got a good picture of my niece wearing it. The girls also had bows for their hair. The kids all looked so cute in their outfits (my daughter wore the dress the day after Thanksgiving). I do know my Mom got pictures of all the kids sitting on the stairs in their outfits, but they won't show the skirt well. Oh well, bad me!! :-) Please excuse the wrinkles in the skirt and dress (they just got washed today and I just took pictures, so they aren't ironed).

Fabric Flowers

Today has not been extremely productive on the sewing end for me, but I did get a bunch of laundry and cleaning done (not all done, but lots accomplished). I did attempt my first fabric flowers and fabric covered buttons. I spent a good part of yesterday making felt covered barrettes for my daughter and niece (mostly for my niece since my daughter doesn't always keep them in her hair). I want to make a barrette/bow holder she can hang up somewhere in her room and for Christmas she will receive it filled with some bows and felt covered barrettes (amongst other things.... I tend to go a little crazy on handmade gifts for the kids). You will notice a lot of the barrettes are blue because she has to wear a uniform to school and they are blue and white.