Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kids' Birthday

My daughter celebrated her 4th birthday over spring break (end of March) and my son celebrates his 6th birthday the end of April. I had planned on doing separate parties, but time flew by way too fast and I decided to do a combined birthday. We planned the party for this past Saturday. I was going to do it at the house, Lego theme for my son and something girly (My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake or Tinkerbell) for my daughter, but my husband vetoed that.....I was quite happy he vetoed it when I got sick, as were as the kids, and I didn't have time to clean the house!! We decided to have it at a local gym and let each of the kids invite the number of friends for the age they turned/are turning (4 and 6), then we included siblings and our friends' boys who are the same age as our kids. A few weren't able to join us, so we ended up with 13 kids. They took care of everything except the cake and candles. I always have to do something for the kids for their party and had planned on birthday shirts. Because we were all sick last week I ended up doing the shirts Saturday (finished 45 minutes before the party.....just enough to get a shower and get to the party 5-10 minutes early!!). I also baked cupcakes Friday night and then spent Saturday morning frosting them (not just one frosting, but two.....chocolate frosting and a colored icing). They turned out delicious, but I wish I could be one of those moms that doesn't always have to be doing stuff until the last minute and would just relax. My husband gives me a hard time about working up until the time we are walking out the door, but I just can't help it!! Enough rambling from me!! Here are the kids in their birthday shirts! My son requested a crown number shirt with crystals.......
Birthday Prince

Design from Lynnie Pinnie

Birthday Princess

Designs from Lynnie Pinnie