Saturday, February 27, 2010


As we were eating breakfast today one of our neighbors called to tell us we had six deer in our yard. A couple of the neighbors call us once in a while about the deer so the kids can see them. They started in the back of the house, but quickly moved to the front and then into the neighbors yard. It was so neat because once they got to the neighbor's yard they stopped and just looked at us. I was able to run upstairs, grab my camera and get my SD card out of my computer and then back downstairs without them disappearing. We opened the front door and I was able to snap a bunch of pictures. The kids enjoyed watching the deer as they posed for us.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Unproductive week!!!

I really hoped to get a bunch of sewing done this week, but no matter what I just couldn't motivate myself! I think the late nights catching up on the Olympics wore me out, plus I've slowly been trying to get the house back in order and laundry folded and put away. I'm feeling like the house is almost in shape and hopefully I can motivate myself to get the rest of the laundry folded tonight in front of the tv and the next two days I can go crazy on the sewing. I REALLY need to get going on stuff for my first (and maybe only) spring craft show in a month, so wish me luck!!

I was suppose to be out of town this weekend with the kids visiting my parents and seeing a couple friends, but with the accumulating snow where my parents live I decided not to travel. I woke up this morning and noticed many friends talking about snow days in that area, so I feel like I made the right decision. I'm sad I'm not going to get to see everybody, but the up side is I get to sew and hopefully accomplish a lot this weekend!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catching up.....

A couple Fridays ago my son's school had a pj day and then had movie night that week. Most of the pjs I've made him in the past are getting short, so I wanted to make him a new set for school that day. Since I was volunteering in his class that day and my daughter was going with me I couldn't get away with making pjs just for my son. So, that Thursday night before I threw together two sets of pjs for my kids. I let each of the kids pick out their material and then found a coordinating applique for the shirt. Lucky for me, I knew exactly which appliques I wanted to use and didn't have to spend an hour searching for the right applique. The kids loved their new pjs and has a fun time at movie night with their friends!

At the beginning of February I decided I was making my daughter a Valentine's outfit for her to wear several times throughout the month. Fortunately, it is an outfit she can wear all year round because she only wore it once before Valentine's day and then we didn't make it out on Valentine's Day for dinner. She has worn it one time since and should get lots more wear out of it!! The dress pattern is from The Handmade Dress, Miss Madeline, with an added ruffle.

MOPS Donation

Last week I actually got several items sewn to take as samples to my MOPS meeting. Every meeting we have some giveaways from local businesses and last week I volunteered to donate an item. I decided to donate a custom outfit for one of the MOPS members little ones. I wanted to have a bunch of samples for the winner to look through and decide what she wanted. It turned out there wasn't a lot of time and I didn't get to show off much of my work, but a few did look through my samples. I do a lot of girl outfits and not nearly enough for boys. Of course the winner was a mommy of two boys, so she chose a custom lounge outfit. Since she has two boys she wanted to pay for a second outfit for her other boy. Yeah for me!! I e-mailed her some fabric options for matching lounge outfits and I'm waiting for her choice of fabrics along with her boys measurements so I can hopefully get these made up for the next meeting.

Since I haven't blogged much lately and haven't followed through on posting pictures of things I have made over that last few months I thought I would show some of my most recent projects. Not much has been done these last few days, but hopefully the next few I will accomplish a lot!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Attempting to create a button

Cole's Corner recently posted a link to a tutorial on how to create a button, so I thought I would give it a try. Let me see if this works.