Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catching up.....

A couple Fridays ago my son's school had a pj day and then had movie night that week. Most of the pjs I've made him in the past are getting short, so I wanted to make him a new set for school that day. Since I was volunteering in his class that day and my daughter was going with me I couldn't get away with making pjs just for my son. So, that Thursday night before I threw together two sets of pjs for my kids. I let each of the kids pick out their material and then found a coordinating applique for the shirt. Lucky for me, I knew exactly which appliques I wanted to use and didn't have to spend an hour searching for the right applique. The kids loved their new pjs and has a fun time at movie night with their friends!

At the beginning of February I decided I was making my daughter a Valentine's outfit for her to wear several times throughout the month. Fortunately, it is an outfit she can wear all year round because she only wore it once before Valentine's day and then we didn't make it out on Valentine's Day for dinner. She has worn it one time since and should get lots more wear out of it!! The dress pattern is from The Handmade Dress, Miss Madeline, with an added ruffle.

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Cole's Corner said...

Love the jammas and the dress. So cute! Your little ones look thrilled, too.