Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MOPS Donation

Last week I actually got several items sewn to take as samples to my MOPS meeting. Every meeting we have some giveaways from local businesses and last week I volunteered to donate an item. I decided to donate a custom outfit for one of the MOPS members little ones. I wanted to have a bunch of samples for the winner to look through and decide what she wanted. It turned out there wasn't a lot of time and I didn't get to show off much of my work, but a few did look through my samples. I do a lot of girl outfits and not nearly enough for boys. Of course the winner was a mommy of two boys, so she chose a custom lounge outfit. Since she has two boys she wanted to pay for a second outfit for her other boy. Yeah for me!! I e-mailed her some fabric options for matching lounge outfits and I'm waiting for her choice of fabrics along with her boys measurements so I can hopefully get these made up for the next meeting.

Since I haven't blogged much lately and haven't followed through on posting pictures of things I have made over that last few months I thought I would show some of my most recent projects. Not much has been done these last few days, but hopefully the next few I will accomplish a lot!!

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