Friday, June 26, 2009

Grass, hopefully soon!!

Part of our property is tilled, grated and seeded. It's been a long project due to all the rain we've had this past month. I say only part, because we live on two acres and the big open area to the south (I think it is south....I'm horrible with directions, but I think that is right) of the house, where we hope to put up some volleyball nets and play some other games later in the summer, isn't done yet. That is the area of our property we have had the most problems with drainage, so it is taken forever for it to dry out enough to till it. I'm ok with it not being done because we have plenty of property around our house that needs to be watered each day. I spent all day from 8:15/8:30 this morning and I'm still watering a few areas outside that still look dry. The days have been so hot around here lately (up in the 90's) that it is hard to keep everything damp all day. Although it is recommended you don't water during the day, when you are growing grass you don't really have a choice but to water all day, especially when you live on a large piece of land. Hopefully in a week or so I'll have some pictures to show the grass growing!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Growing pizza!!

I went out to water (fertilize) my plants this morning and the kids stood at the window watching. When I came inside my 4 year old son asked what the green stuff was. I explained it was fertilizer for the's their food. I don't recall every word that came out of his mouth, but he eventually asked if we could grow pizza!! I told him we can't grow pizza, but that was a nice thought! LOL!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monogrammed Onesies

I took all my handmade items to the garage sale I participated in at my parents' last weekend and sold quite a few things. One customer bought a couple of the onesies with ribbon sewn on them and wanted them monogrammed with a P on the front for a friend who had a baby that day. I was hoping to use my mom embroidery machine while I was visiting, but I'm not familiar with her software and at 11:00 p.m. Sunday night was too tired to figure out if her software would do what I needed done. So, the onesies came home with me and I finally got them embroidered last night. I tried contacting the customer to get her e-mail address so she could see what the monogram would look like, but never heard back from her. Hopefully she likes the way they turned out!! I think next time I will go a little smaller, but I think they look cute the way they turned out for these.

Yesterday I got together with a couple friends I haven't seen in well over a year (maybe over two!!). One lives out of town and was driving through on her way home from St. Louis. She is expecting her first child in September and since I'm not sure when I will see her next I wanted to give her a few handmade things for her baby girl. I took most of her present from my stash because I didn't have a lot of time to throw things together, but I did manager to monogram a onesie. It was a big hit (as well as everything else) and I love how it turned out. I really need to start doing more with monogramming!! She loved receiving handmade presents and I love to hear how much people appreciate handmade presents!!

Monsters in my closet

My daughter is 2 years old and has a very active imagination. The only things my kids watch regularly is PBS (Sesame Street, Word World, sometimes Dragon Tales, Caliou or Arther). We were out of town at my parents for almost a week and got back home last Monday night (late). Tuesday or Wednesday she started talking about monsters in her room. She doesn't get upset, just says there are monsters in her room and continues to talk about them until I (or my husband) go into her to check under her bed and her closet. Once we check everything out the topic is no longer discussed until she "sees" monsters in her room again. I'm not sure where she has come up with monsters in her room, but we think it's funny and cute!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

More halter tops and Hannah Montana outfit....

This week I've had a busy week of sewing. I always have a never ending list of things I want to accomplish, but never get to each thing when I plan on it. I did, however, have a pretty good week and hope this weekend to get some more things done. I've been needing a break from the constant interruptions from the kids, so my husband took the kids to a local indoor play gym with bouncy houses, climbing areas, slides, bowling, laser tag and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. They've been gone since noon and are just getting back home as I type. It's been a nice break and although I haven't gotten any sewing done I have gotten laundry put away, a shower, watered some plants, some things cleaned up in my room, some new blog posts and a couple e-mails sent out. Now the kids are down for naps and hopefully I can get some more things done!

Here are a couple tops I made for my daughter this week and a Hannah Montana outfit I made for my friend's daughter who turned 6 a month ago (yes, I'm a little late....better late than never!!).

Diaper Bag Set

I'm heading to my parents' house to visit and pariticipate in the garage sale in my parents' housing developement next weekend. I'm hoping to get together with a few friends from high school while I'm in town. A friend of mine from back where I grew up is due with a baby girl the end of July. She ordered this diaper bag set and I really love the way it turned out!! It is about 14"W x 13.5" H x 5" D. It has two pockets on the outside ends and 5 similar pockets on the inside plus a large zippered pocket on one side. It also has a key clip so keys don't get lost inside the bag. It has a matching changing pad and dirty duds pouch.