Friday, June 26, 2009

Grass, hopefully soon!!

Part of our property is tilled, grated and seeded. It's been a long project due to all the rain we've had this past month. I say only part, because we live on two acres and the big open area to the south (I think it is south....I'm horrible with directions, but I think that is right) of the house, where we hope to put up some volleyball nets and play some other games later in the summer, isn't done yet. That is the area of our property we have had the most problems with drainage, so it is taken forever for it to dry out enough to till it. I'm ok with it not being done because we have plenty of property around our house that needs to be watered each day. I spent all day from 8:15/8:30 this morning and I'm still watering a few areas outside that still look dry. The days have been so hot around here lately (up in the 90's) that it is hard to keep everything damp all day. Although it is recommended you don't water during the day, when you are growing grass you don't really have a choice but to water all day, especially when you live on a large piece of land. Hopefully in a week or so I'll have some pictures to show the grass growing!!

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