Thursday, September 4, 2008


The other day I attempted to embroider a shirt for my friend. The first attempt was not successful (at least I wasn't happy with it). I searched for a new shirt, but no luck! So, I spent a bunch of time tearing out all the stitches so I could attempt to embroider the shirt again. It you haven't done this before, it is very time consuming, but I was trying to save the shirt. Second attempt was much better, but the embroidery was not exactly over the first embroidery area. I wanted to make sure it would wash up well and wouldn't leave a bunch of holes in the shirt, so this morning I threw it in the washer. Before washing it, though, I notice a piece of thread on the shirt had been cut, so I put a little FrayBlock on the areas where the previous stitches showed. Little did I know, FrayBlock discolors a red shirt. UGGHHHH!! Luckily my friend was ok with me using on of the long sleeve shirts I had in stock to try again. Thankfully, this attempt was a success and the shirt is ready to be delivered or picked up!! WOOHOO!! Now, to begin sewing for the craft fair October 18th!

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