Monday, September 8, 2008

Crayon rolls..

I decided last week that I am going to participate in a craft fair in October. I did the same fair a couple years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter and passed on it last year. Trying to find some ways to bring in some extra money to help out with the bills since we currently have two house payments! This weekend I started making products to sell at the craft fair and also to put some more things on my website, Yesterday I made a bunch of crayon rolls. These are a medium size crayon roll, holds 9 crayons. I also have a larger crayon roll that holds 12 or 13 crayons, which I will get made up sometime soon. I also plan on making some more of the 9 crayon rolls in some Colts material. These are done, except for a small hole I need to stitch on the bottom. Today I think I will start making some apron/play mitt sets and some purses.

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