Sunday, July 6, 2008

Today's adventures...

Today we had a house showing at 12:15, so we had to be out of the house for a couple hours. It was fun getting ready for the showing, especially since I wasn't suppose to do much to help get the house ready. Well, I did more than planned, but was very careful not to stress my back. I was afraid I might have done too much, but my back doesn't feel too bad. Now I need to continue to take it easy this next week and hope by the end of the week all pain is gone!

While we were trying to make good use of our time we ran a few errands. Our first trip was to Best Buy to use a $10 coupon we earned with previous purchases. After looking around the store and determining if there was anything we really needed (mainly thinking about the new house) we ended up buying a movie, Ghost Rider, which we just finished watching and it was pretty good. I'm not sure we would have bought the movie if it wasn't for the free movie ticket to Hancock my husband wanted. We spent $5 on the movie and got a good movie to add to our large collection of movies and my husband get's to go to see a movie he has been talking about all week for free. Not a bad deal!

Our next trip took us to the mall. We stopped in Dick's Sporting Goods to look at the bike trailers in hopes we would find one I liked and buy it. As we got to the escalator my 3 year old son grabs onto the moving handrail and starts to get carried up the escalator without us. It was quite a funny site, but scary for for all. Luckily my husband has long arms and was able to grab him and set him back on the ground. I really wish we had a video camera to catch the event because it would have been a good one for Funniest Home Videos!! He has been on an escalator many times before, so we aren't sure what he was thinking when he grabbed onto the rail the way he did. I guess it looked like it would be fun!! We made it upstair with both kids in tears and found the trailers. After looking at the two different models they had in stock we decided on the InStep Quick N Easy bike trailer for $109.99. This is probably one of the cheapest you can find with the stroller attachment and has good reviews, so I'm hoping to get lots of use out it, starting this week. Now I just need to get my husband to put it together before the weekend is over!

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