Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back pain...

This week has not been a fun week in this household! This past Saturday morning as I was separating laundry and threw my back out and for about 4 days was in the worst pain even!! It was a sharp pain that didn't go away no matter what I did. Sitting, standing, walking, any slight movement caused a horrible pain in my lower back. Monday I went to the doctor the get it checked out. My doctor asked me to do some different movements with my legs to see what was causing the pain and then prescribes some medications to help alleviate the pain. I also received a shot in my hip, which was a temporary solution to the pain. It didn't get rid of it all, but it gave me a couple hours of a little less pain. Finally yesterday I woke up with less pain, still sore, but I can at least sit without a sharp pain in my back. My husband stayed home for a couple days to take care of the kids and me. He was suppose to be working from home, but I know, based on his comments, he wasn't get a lot done. By Wednesday I told him he could go back to work. The day was tough, but it was manageable and we spent some time over at a friend's house for lunch and a swim in the pool, which was nice for my back.

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