Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

Every time we turn around it seems like there is another expense we have to incurr, either with the current house or the new house. This morning was no different!!! The morning started off ok. Got up around 8:30, changed the kids diapers, got them dressed for the day and headed downstairs for breakfast. We all ate and then I cleaned up. Sounds pretty normal, but as I finished cleaning up I notice water was dripping on the floor under the sink. At first I thought I spilled water over the top front when I cleaned up the dishes, but didn't notice anything dripping down the front of the cubbard. I opened up th cubbard and the bottom was covered in water. Got myself comfortable on the floor and started clearing everything out and drying everything off. Every few seconds I would see water drip from what appeared to be the disposal, but it seemed weird that water would be dripping from the bottom of the disposal. Once I got everything out my husband got down to take a look. He turned on the water and water just poured out of the bottom of the disposal. All we can guess is something rusted out inside. Now to find a decent disposal for not too much money!! It's going to be fun cleaning up dishes today since I can't run water on the disposal side!!

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