Thursday, July 3, 2008

House showings...

This morning we received a phone call from the realtor letting us know somebody wants to show our house on Saturday. This is great since we haven't had a showing for a few weeks. The down side is my husband is going to have to do just about all the work around the house to get it in order for the showing. If you read my previous post you know I threw my back out over the weekend and can't do much right now. My good friend keeps telling me YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING!! She's a nurse and has worked with people with back injuries and has also had a back injury herself, so she knows what it takes to get a back healed. It really is tough sitting back and not doing anything these days. Besides doing what I can to take care of the kids, I get to sit on the couch with a heating pad on my back and laptop in my lap. It is driving me CRAZY not doing much of anything else because I HATE when my house is a mess and that is what it is right now. My husband has a lot of work to do tomorrow to get this house back in showing order. He doesn't usually have to do much because I've been doing a good cleaning every week, so in the past when we got a phone call all that had to be done was some minor cleaning. Have I said how much I hate just sitting here, but I know that is what I need to do! I'm just thankful nobody wanted to come by today!!

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