Friday, July 18, 2008

Stress relief...

We've been dealing with a lot this week, trying to come to some agreement with our builder on some costs he is trying to pass onto us. This started on Tuesday and today we finally met with him and came to an agreement. It has relieved a lot of stress for both my husband and me, even though I still think we are paying for things we shouldn't have to pay for. He asked us what we thought we should pay and didn't argue with our suggestion. We also went over to the new house to walk through and point out the things he marked as fixed, but weren't. He's suppose to get people in by Monday to finish up, final cleaning on Tuesday and hope to close everything out by mid week. I can't wait!! We also had our inspector do our final inspection today and other than a few little things, all looks good. He commented the house has come together really nice, which surprised him based on how things started out 19 months ago. Things really turned around and we have a beautiful house (and a lot of unexpected money invested). Although we have a beautiful house to live in for the rest of our lives, if we had the chance to go back, we probably would not have built. It has not been a fun experience for us and we are moving in over a year past the original completion date of July 1, 2007!

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