Monday, July 14, 2008

My new stroller...

A little over a week ago when our house was being shown we went shopping and bought a bike trailer/stroller for me to use for walks with the kids. I've been waiting, patiently, for my husband to put the trailer together. Last night he took my son out to ride his bike, he'd been begging all day to ride his bike, and while he was out there decided to put the trailer together. My daughter didn't make it easy and kept getting in the way, so she ended up in the house a very unhappy girl. I went ahead and got her ready for bed and then my husband came inside once the trailer was put together asking for my daughter to come back outside to test the trailer. My husband took the kids on a short bike ride in the neighborhood (son on his own bike and daughter in the trailer hooked up to the my husband's bike). My daughter loved the trailer once my husband started riding, so it was a success. This morning I woke up determined I was finally getting out for a walk. Boy, am I glad I went for my walk. The kids were great and enjoyed the 30 minute walk and the trailer was so easy to push. It was nice to not have to stop or slow down when I had to go over a curb. I got a great workout in and can't wait for my next walk!!

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