Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weekend adventure!!

Last week, about this time, I came down with a cold! It knocked me out pretty quick and I still haven't fully recovered. I've had no voice for almost a week and wondering if it is going to come back!! LOL! Although I've been sick I've tried to get orders done, take care of the kids clean the house and do whatever else needs to be done daily. Over the weekend we went down to my brother's house in Louisville for his daughter's 6th birthday. It's only about 2 hours away, so a fairly easy day trip, but it knocked all of us out!! We had lots of fun, but it would have been more enjoyable if I wasn't sick!! We've been searching for a new church and have done good the last couple Sundays making it to a service, but Easter Sunday it didn't happen. I was so exhausted from our trip and felt horrible I couldn't pull myself out of bed in time to make it to church. I felt bad we didn't go, but it would not have been a fun service for me (coughing and blowing my nose, almost constantly!!) or anybody else around me!! We did, however, have a nice Easter Sunday. Once we pulled ourselves out of bed, around 10:30 (thank goodness for kids who can entertain themselves!!) we did the normal Easter things.....searching for Easter baskets the Easter bunny left and searching for Easter eggs. Then it was time to do some last minute cleaning before the in-laws arrived around 4:00. Dinner went in the over around the time they arrived and we enjoyed some Cornish hens, green beans, hot potato salad (the best potato salad made by my mother-in-law!!), rolls, yummy jello salad (also made by my mother-in-law and olives. Dinner was delicious (although my nose was clogged and I couldn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked!!) and later we enjoyed some frozen peanut butter Oreo cookie pie (also made by my mother-in-law). I love when I get some help with the cooking and even better when I don't have to clean up. Everybody else pitched in and cleaned everything up while I sat and relaxed!! What a treat!!! Most of the weekend I didn't have to do are GREAT with the kids!! Once they left Tuesday morning it was back to reality and sewing!!

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