Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little Miss Independent!

My daughter, who turned 2 about a month ago, wants to do everything herself these days. I'm all for her doing what she can by herself and learning to do more, but there are certain things we still have to help her with, even when she doesn't want us to. Today I was sewing in my craft room and I heard the water on in the bathroom. I asked who was in the bathroom running the water. No answer! Next I say, "Is that you Logan?". Still, no answer! "Is that you Madeline?". No answer still! So, off to the bathroom and my daughter is standing on the stool at the bathroom sink trying to get a drink of water! She thought she was funny and just giggled over and over again! She's still not quite tall enough to reach the faucet, even with the stool, so she pulls herself up onto the counter a little so she can reach the faucet. Luckily my bathroom was still dry when I checked on her!! Oh, the joys of a 2 year old!

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