Thursday, April 16, 2009

Etsy Store

I mentioned several days ago I would start adding product to my Etsy store and finally got around to it today. The goal is to get products listed each day, although it may turn out to be every couple days. I'm hoping as I keep adding product things sell and I can make some money for a MUCH needed new laptop. When I woke up this morning my main computer was sitting with a blank screen and the fan running very fast. It took at least an hour for it to cool down and boot back up. My website is in need of a MAJOR update. I work on it periodically, but it hasn't been updated for quite some time. I never feel like I've done enough to actually send an update to the website, but I'm thinking I need to do what I can to get my new products on the website and also link it to my Etsy store.

Today in my Etsy store I uploaded one of the peasant dresses I made for a craft show that didn't sell. I also added lounge pants, a baby gift set and a burp cloth. Take a look....

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