Sunday, April 5, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!!

It's been a few weeks since I've blogged. I've thought about it, but I've been busy. If I'm not doing something with the kids or my husband I'm sewing, cleaning or doing laundry. I should be doing one of those right now (actually should be getting dinner for the kids), but decided I would take a few minutes to blog since it has been so long. I did a couple craft/vendor shows in March. Both went ok, but the second was the best one I've done so far. I would still like to make more at the shows, but still working on finding the best things to sell. I've got lots of stuff made up and for each one I come up with new things. The first show my apron sets were my big seller. I sold out and actually lost sales because other people didn't want to place a custom order. I did, however, get one custom order for an child's apron set. I really like how it turned out and my customer loved it!!

The second show I didn't sell any apron sets, but it may be due to the set up. I didn't have as much room for my set up at the second show and all my clothes were hanging at the back of the booth and the only place I had to sit was in front of the rack. At the first show I was able to have all the clothes at the front of booth and lots of people looked through. I also bought a used a garment rack for the second show, which fell apart by the end of the show, so it went back to Walmart and I'm going to look into some racks at Meijer another vendor had at the second show, which were SO much nicer that what Walmart has available. Still need to play around with my setup!!
I now have 3 more custom orders to sew up over the next few weeks, Easter outfit for my daughter to figure out (may not get done), birthday present for my niece to figure out this week since her birthday is Saturday and then birthday presents to figure out for the end of the month/beginning of May!! I'm also going to start getting stuff posted on my Etsy site on a regular basis and hope to get some sales from that and then one of these days I'll finally get my website up to date!! Oh, and I almost forgot, still need to gather some information on more craft shows to participate in over the next few months!!
Back to work for now, but I'll be posting pictures of some of my creations over the next few weeks!

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