Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend fun....

My daughter turned one this weekend, so Saturday we had some friends over for a party. My brother also came in from two hours south of us with my niece and nephew. I had spent Thursday night working on a birthday dress for my daughter and stayed up until almost 3:00 a.m. putting it together. I couldn't just do the usual a-line... I wanted something different from the usual. I never tried the dress on her either, so I was lucky when I put it on her right before the party that it fit and it looked so cute!!

The party was fun, the food was good and my daughter received some nice presents.... luckily everybody followed the rules and we didn't get anything too big. We are trying to sell our house while our new house is being finished, so it is cleaned often, so we didn't spend hours the night before and the morning of cleaning! This was nice because we weren't tired all day due to the many hours of cleaning. So, party ends and we start to clean again, but it wasn't too bad. We finished up Sunday afternoon after my brother and his kids leave and the kids are down for naps. It is so nice to have hubby helping out on a regular basis now. Getting him to clean regularly has alway been a chore in itself, but now that the house has to be ready to show any time, we make sure things are in order every night. Every morning I also spend some time working on stuff, just to keep everything sparkling!!

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