Monday, March 3, 2008

Out, without the kids and wonderful suprises...

Saturday afternoon was a day out with some good friends. I've know one for about a year and a half and the other for just over a year. We have spent many mornings/afternoons together with the kids, but this was the first time without the kids and boy, was it nice. It was nice to be able to focus on a conversation without one or several of the kids interupting or us having to tell them to behave them selves. Time flew by and next thing you know it was past the time I told my husband I would be home. So, once we got to the car I called my husband to tell him we lost track of time and were just now leaving the mall. No complaints!! Now I start heading to my friend's house to drop her off and decide to return my mom's phone call (she called as we were leaving the mall and I didn't answer). When talking to my husband he mentioned my mom was trying to get in touch with me, so thought I should make sure there wasn't something she need to ask me right at that moment (we often look for things for each other while out shopping, so I just didn't know). Call my mom and tell her I was returning her call, did she have something she needed to talk to me about. She said, "are you driving?"... "Yes, but I can talk for a minute". so, she tells me she and my dad were talking and wanted to give me some money to get the embroidery machine I wanted (one just like the one she had just bought... a Husqvarna Viking Designer SE). I had just purchase a Designer I, but after getting it home and starting to hook it up I found out it didn't hook up to my machine like I was told the weekend before when my mom bought her machine. My mom wanted me to have the one that hooks up to my computer and decided to give me money to cover the difference in the price. WOW, what a nice surprise!! I was just about in tears because it was such a nice gesture!! I call my husband back while my friend runs into a store to get change and ask him if he knew why my mom was calling. He didn't, so I told him. He jokingly commented that he should mention things he wants around my parents and maybe he would get money to buy a new computer he wants. I replied to him, "you are not my parents' daughter". LOL

I arrive home and my husband has taken good care of the kids. I feed my daughter, call the dealer at the Viking Sewing Gallery to find out if I could get the same deal my mom got, get the kids dinner and throw something into the crock pot for my husband and I and then ask my husband if I can run back out to exchange my machine. He looks at me like I'm crazy for asking since I was just out all afternoon, but says ok. I'm gone for a little over an hour and expect when I come home the kids will still be up and in there regular clothes, but to my surprise they were all ready for bed and my daughter was just waiting for her last feeding of the day and her teeth to be brushed. What a nice surprise and so helpful!!

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