Thursday, April 3, 2008

The joys of building a new home!

A few years ago my husband and I bought two acres of land to build a new house on, then in 2006 we decided it was time to start building. So, in October 2006 we signed with a builder to start out new home. We were suppose to break ground in the second week of November, but that didn't happen until about a month later. This should have been a sign that things weren't going to go as planned, but we had hope. We went with a builder that had been working in the industry for over 16 years, but was working on getting his own custom home business started. He build his own home, which was a nice home. Going with him meant we got good pricing because he was trying to make a good name for himself. Things moved along with the house for maybe a couple months, then the work stopped and every once in a while we would see something new get started. Every time we enquired what was going on he said he was trying to get his finances back in order and a couple good size jobs he worked on he never got paid for and didn't have the money to pay the contractors that did work on our house. This went on for months and as we got closer to the time the house was suppose to be finished he continued to have one excuse after another about why things were moving along as they should. He had hopes it would get done by the time our construction loan was to be done. That time passed and we had to ask for an extension from our mortgage company. They gave us three months. Things still weren't getting done and it was now August/September and we decided to fire the guy and find a new builder. Our contract with him ended as of July 1, which is the date the house was suppose to be completed.

So, onto finding a new builder. We looked at several builders and then signed with one that built our friends house, which is beautiful. This builder is doing great and has a made a good name for himself over many years of building custom homes. The only downside to going with him is things are costing a lot more money!! Things were slow moving with him at the beginning, but the city is to blame for that! He was trying to determine is we could get hooked up to the sewer system, which it didn't look like we could, or could we get a permit to have a septic system. Well, we are stuck with septic and although we don't want septic, we don't have a choice!! It took the city almost two months to get out to the land and make their determination. Things definitely have not gone in our favor, but things are looking up!!

Now is the fun, but stressful, time! We are getting to pick things for the house out, which is exciting!! We picked the cabinets and those have been ordered. Picked the countertops, not just need to pick the faucet for the kitchen and the sink. I think I am going with a solid surface sink, which my hubby has tried to talk me out of, but he doesn't do much in the kitchen, so it is my pick!! Found faucets for the bathrooms, a Moen Caldwell Brushed Nickel faucet, on clearance for half the price they normally cost. Going to pick those up today as long as the plumber says they are good! We have most of our flooring, but need to pick out carpet. We are going with a backsplash in the kitchen, so now I am in the process of picking out tile for that. Oh, and the brick on the house will be finished today!!

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