Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Beautiful weather!

The last few days have been beautiful outside..... mid 60's and sunny! Saturday was spent inside with sick kids and hubby, but thankfully I haven't caught what they have yet!! Praying I don't because if I do, things till need to be done and I can't just sleep and sit on the couch like hubby!! So, I've been waiting for warm weather so I can get the flower beds in good shape. With the house on the market, this is a very important task this year!! Sunday I spent 2+ hours weeding just one portion of the flower bed, the worst part and then today I finished up the rest before putting down new mulch. It is a little after 6:00 and my oldest, 3 in just a few weeks, is standing at the side lights at the front door. He then opens up the door and asks me what I am doing. I explain I am cleaning up and ask how he likes the flower beds. He doesn't respond to the question, but asks if we were going to be sleeping in them now. I had to laugh. It is funny how little ones don't always understand things when it is a word they are use to using in a different sense. I told my mom tonight when we were talking and she couldn't stop laughing!!

Hoping for another beautiful day tomorrow so I can buy some flowers and get some flower pots planted!! Maybe another nice day I will get the outsides of the windows washed!

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