Friday, August 27, 2010

Recent Projects

A friend of mine placed an order a while back. I think she placed it right after we got back from vacation the first week of July. I had hoped to get it done within a couple weeks, but things were crazy with the kids and it took a while. Thankfully she was understanding and said to enjoy the last of the summer before school started! :-) I finally finished it and sent it out last week. She received it last Saturday and sent an e-mail telling me how much her kids loved their new items. Her 3 year old daughter slept in her new robe Sunday night and wanted to take it to school with her to school the next day!! LOL!!

An extra shirt for my friend's 5 year old.
Design from Lynnie Pinnie

An extra twirl skirt (now known as the Fiona skirt after my friend's daughter).
My own design.

Robe for a 3 year old little girl. She picked the fabric.
Pattern is Simplicity? (I can check number if anybody is interested). It was pretty easy.

Tooth fairy pillow for a 5 year old little boy who just lost his first 2 teeth in August.
My own design, but the pocket and tooth are from Sewforum.

I made a similar blanket for my friend's daughter when she was a baby. She has loved it so much it is falling apart and my friend ordered a new one for her. Hopefully she loves this one just as much!!

My son started Kindergarten last week and my daughter starts preschool Monday, so I will hopefully be doing a lot more sewing starting this coming week. She will be going to school 3 half days a week, so I will have almost 12 hours of free time each week!! Yippee!! I know I'll miss her, but I will enjoy the uninterrupted sewing time (maybe even some errands without kids, maybe even a 'coffee date' with a friend once in a while). I love my kids, but I'm dreaming of all the projects I can accomplish when they aren't home interupting me every 15 minutes. :-)

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Cole's Corner said...

Cute, cute stuff! I love the little tooth pillow!