Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Days of School

First, I apologize for the LONG post, but figured I should include both the kids first days of school (even if they were 2 weeks apart!).

I should probably start off with my son's first day of Kindergarten. He actually started a couple weeks ago and bad mommy didn't record his first day, so I'll share his first day before I get to my daughter's first day. He is in his 3rd week of school. He takes the bus to and from school every day and loves it! His first day with the bus was crazy! The information we received in the mail was incorrect. The bus number it told us to look for did not stop. This was confusing for us as parents (1st time sending a child on a bus) and for him. He was in tears because he thought he wasn't going to take the bus that morning, but another bus going to the same location stopped and he was able to take it. The system does bus transfers, which is crazy! They go to their home school (which doesn't have Kindergarten) and then transfers to a different bus to go to his school. We felt we needed to go where the he transferred buses to make sure he got where he needed to go. We had to wait a while for his bus to finally show up and then made sure he got on the transfer bus. Very nerve racking!! I talked to the bus driver of the bus I thought he was suppose to get on from our house and found out they changed routes and he should have been on a different bus. We got all that figured out....

Then after school I waited at the bus stop until about 5:15 (about 1 1/2 hours past his scheduled drop off) when he finally arrived home. When it was almost 5:00 I tried calling transportation and couldn't get anybody on the phone and was about in tears until another bus stopped to verify our address and tried to help me track him down. In the meantime his bus finally arrived. What a long day for a Kindergartner (school let out at 3:15)!!

Here he is the morning of his first day in his new embroidered t-shirt. I was going to do something like Kindergarten Rocks, but he wanted a dinosaur, so that is what he got! The embroidery is from Lynnie Pinnie.

My little girl started her first day of preschool yesterday. Part of me is sad because she is growing up so fast and I did miss having her around all morning, but I do have to say I did enjoy a few hours of kid free time! After dropping her off at school I had a few errands to run (about 5 places to stop). What would have taken me all morning with both the kids took me just over an hour!! I love getting errands done quick! I then came home and did some uninterrupted sewing. I finished an order and was able to drop it in the mail after I picked her up from school.

When I woke her up yesterday she whined for the first hour that she didn't want to go to school. This is a new experience for her, so I'm sure there were some nerves involved. After big brother left for school she settled down and got excited about school. By the time I dropped her off she was ready to play with her new friends. When I picked her up she asked if she can come back another day! As we were driving home we talked about what she did at school and she then say a song she learned. She LOVES to sing!!

Since it was her first day, she had to have a new outfit. She is in the kangaroo class, so I found a cute kangaroo applique from Sewing For Sarah. For the shorts I used the Easy Fit Pants pattern by Carla C from You Can Make This and shortened them so they hit a little below her knee. I actually wanted them a little shorted, but at least now she wear them longer.

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Adorable outfits! I really love both of those appliques.