Friday, August 14, 2009

It's been a while...

So, life has been busy and I haven't posted in a couple weeks! We had a wonderful trip to visit my parents, although I was exhausted when I got home. My brother's kids were there with us all week too, so the kids had a blast. We spent the 2nd weekend at my parents' camper at the campground and went to the flea market. I always love going to the flea market.....never know what kind of deals you are going to find, plus they have some wonderful fresh produce. I always come home with fresh fruits and vegetables and enjoy them so much. We arrived home Sunday afternoon to a nice clean house, thanks to my hubby!!

This year I planted a bunch of tomato plants (big tomatoes and some grape tomatoes), green peppers and red peppers. We had our first tomato last night, which my 4 year old son and I enjoyed. He was so excited to have a tomato from our own garden. It was so tasty!!! We have a ton of green, some very large, tomatoes and I'm looking forward to more fresh tomatoes. We have some peppers too, but they aren't ready yet, at least from what I can tell. With 13 regular tomato plants, 6 grape tomato plants, 3 green pepper plants and 6 red pepper plants, I'll be doing lots of canning this year!!! I may even head over to the farmers market to try to sell some...we'll see! I'm looking forward to next year when we have a garden with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables!!

I'm so thankful for our friends who have a pool. I'm not against a public pool, but it's not cheap to go on a regular basis. Because our friends have a pool, we get to swim on a regular basis throughout the summer. She's had her girls in swimming lessons and the oldest two have made so much progress this year. Her middle child, who is the same age as my son, started swimming a couple weeks ago, which we got to see for the first time on Monday. Seeing what your peers can do has really been great for my son because yesterday he started doing some floating and kneeling on the bottom of the pool all on his own. He did the rocket ship (floating on belly with arms above the head and kicking). I'm so proud of him and know now that he is really ready for swimming lessons. I will definitely be enrolling him in swimming lessons this fall!!

Guess I better get back to sewing!!

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