Friday, August 21, 2009

New Products

I'm addicted to remnants and have a hard time passing them up when I find ones I like at Joann's, especially when the fabric is already on sale!! The great thing about Joann's as compared to the other fabric stores is you get the sale price at 50% off, so a really great deal. I have a 58 qt. box overflowing with remnants (can probably fill 2 if I wanted to). My Mom buys me remnants too, so that just adds to the pile.....not complaining one bit because she find me some great fabrics too!! :-)

There are so many things you can do with the remnants and I'm trying to put as many to use now as I can as I prepare for the craft shows this fall. I'm also trying to use up a good bit of my flannel since I have so much of it too (at least 8 28 qt. bins plus some small bins with overflow). Earlier this week I made a flannel/plush blanket with a matching bib and burp. I still plan on adding a toy and maybe something else to the set. The back of the bib and burp I use a left over piece of flannel from another set a made a while back. Really trying to use up some scrap pieces!

Then a couple nights ago I worked on a purse, which I will post later, once I have a better picture. I use a home decor remnant I got recently. It was normally $9.99 and was 30% off. At the remnant price I got it 50% off the $6.99 a yard sale price. What a steal!!! It was under a yard, but there was still plenty left to make some wristlets. Here is my first wristlet....more to come! This was my first ever wristlet, so it's not perfect, but I'm sure each one will get better!

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