Thursday, March 12, 2009

Peasant Style Dress with 3/4 Sleeves

I did a test run on the peasant style dress with long sleeves from The Handmade Dress, Miss Madeline pattern. I ended up with 3/4 sleeves, which turned out to be perfect for an almost 2 year old. Little Miss got to wear the dress yesterday to the Children's Museum and looked so cute. I even made her a matching bow to wear with the dress. Now that the test run was successful I'll be making some more of these in some more expensive fabrics. She seemed to really like the dress (especially since it is PINK and has Woggies on it!!) and said it was confortable!!


Mommy's Boot Camp said...

very cute.. was it easy??

jellaan said...

Very easy!

~Bekah said...

VERY cute dress!! :) Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment about my wipee covers! I use fabric glue b/c you can smooth it out and hot glue does the same, u just have to work faster and smooth as u go and yes, burn your fingers A LOT but u can use hot glue. :)