Monday, August 25, 2008


Ever since I married my husband I've been doing most of the work around the house, even when I worked full time and most weeks I worked more hours then him. He helps out occasionally and every once in a while surprises me by doing something without being asked, but most of the time I have to ask him to do things inside the house. Even when I ask him to do stuff he sometimes decides not to do it and it just gets me so mad!! In the last house we hired somebody to take care of the lawn, which included mowing and trimming and also hired a company to fertilize our lawn. It always looked nice, so no complaints. We knew once we moved into our new house we would have to do the lawn ourselves because it would be too expensive to have somebody take care of two acres. We bought a zero turn riding lawn mower and my husband had to also buy a trimmer. The idea was for him to take care of the lawn with occasional help from me. Of course I will be taking care of everything else outside (i.e. gardens). I told him if he picked up some work inside the house I would be happy to help him outside with the mowing/trimming.

Saturday was lawn day. He said to me that it was time I learned how to use the trimmer. I replied I know how to use a trimmer (Growing up I shared lawn duties with my two brothers). He said, good, then you can do that this weekend. My response was NO, not until you start helping out around the house more. He comments that he does a lot around the house (what, I don't know!). At this point I was pretty mad because he helps out VERY little around the house. I commented that this week when I was at the old house cleaning (I spent around 6 hours one day cleaning, 3.5 while also tending to the kids) one evening he didn't even clean up after the kids ate dinner. I had set them up with dinner, so all he had to do was clean up the dishes and wipe off the table and high chair. His response to me was he was taking care of the kids. All he had to do after they ate was get them ready for bed, read a story and tuck them in! Then he had the rest of the evening to do as he pleased. Does it sound fair that every day I should have to take care of the kids, do the laundry, clean the house, etc., but when he has the kids he doesn't have to do anything, but take care of the kids???? On top of this, I spent about 5 hours at the old house Sunday touching up paint and asked him to fold some laundry while he was watching TV and do you think he did it? NO!

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