Thursday, June 5, 2008


Every year around the start of spring and warmer weather we get these little tiny black bugs in our house. We find them only on the first floor, mainly in the kitchen. They like to hang out on our back screened in porch. When I spray bug killer or anything liquid on the porch they start jumping. They don't fly, at least not that I have seen, but they do jump. They started getting worse this week and by last night my husband decided it was time to try something new. He asked if we could leave the house for a few hours today so we can set off some bug bombs. So, my day of staying home and finishing up laundry turned into cleaning out all the dishes from the cupboards and packing them up and then leaving the house all afternoon. Such a fun afternoon with a wild three year old and a cranky one year old. They really needed there naps today, but not possible. They didn't even fall asleep in the car!!

I arrive home about 4 hours after the bombs were set off and open the windows for the 30 minutes we are suppose to air the place out before coming inside for good. We head over to the new house to see progress and check out my tile samples for around the whirlpool tub in the the master bath. I think I have picked one out and hope this one will arrive as it was ordered! More on this topic to come in a later post. Now, back to our bug issue... we are still killing bugs!! We bought some bug killer for inside and out today and have sprayed it everywhere we can think of inside the house and all around the back of the house in hopes that we will eventually win the battle!! Wish us luck!!

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