Thursday, June 5, 2008


I have spent so much time figuring out tile for the new house. We bought the tile for the floor about two years ago when we were going to auctions to get supplies for building our house. Then we decided to do a back splash in the kitchen and put tile around the whirlpool tub. Not a problem... or at least you would think!

So, I check out several places and get some samples. The last place I check is the Tile Shop, which was recommended by our builder. He get's a discount, so this all sounds great! Get a bunch of sample there too and then I have my husband look through the tiles from all the stores and tell me which ones he likes best. He picks out four and then I pick out the one I like best out of the four. All is good at this point!

We finally meet with our tile installer and tell him what we want. Our builder has to order it to get the discount, so he orders it and then the tile guy goes over last week to install and realizes, it's not the right tile. So, he talks to the builder and goes to the Tile Shop and has them order, what we all believe to be the correct tile, again. It arrives Tuesday and once again we get a call from the builder telling us the manufacturer has sent the wrong tile AGAIN!!!! I now need to go back to the Tile Shop and pick out more tile. Pick out one I like, but once I get it over to the new house and back home it just doesn't look right to me right next to the floor tile. It goes great with the countertops in the kitchen, so we are using it there, but still have to find one for the bathroom. I call the Tile Shop and talk to the guy I've been working with to find out if they have enough of the tile I really want back in their storage. They keep a little in stock for samples, so I had hope..... NO luck. They didn't have enough to do the bathroom. Back to square one.... Tuesday I got to go to the Tile Shop without the kids because my husband worked from home, but today I had two kids in hand. My littlest was great, but the older one had fun running up and down the isles. Guess he had some energy he needed to get out!! Ok, so I pick one out and leave with a sample to go onto my next stop and not five minutes after I left I receive a phone call from the Tile Shop. He informed me the one I liked best today was low on stock and who knows when they will have more in stock!! Just my luck! Back to the Tile Shop, but this time he picked out some samples for me to bring home and do some comparisons so I didn't have to get the kids out of the car. I've picked one out and pray this is the last I have to do with the tile!!

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