Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bug update....

For those who read my post last week, I am happy to say the little black bugs are pretty much gone!! YIPPEE!!!! We took the advide of my father-in-law and bought Malathion concentrate for the outside and Ortho Home Defense for the inside. We (more like my husband) sprayed once on the outside and sprayed a few times on the inside. We were still getting a few bugs in the house, nothing compared to what we were getting before, but we would find a few each day. Last night my husband sprayed again on the outside and the inside and I only found ONE little black bug this morning by the front door. I didn't find any in the kitchen, family room or dining room. This is a HUGE breakthrough for us!! We've been fighting these bugs for at least FOUR years and Orkin didn't do much at all for them. We paid them $70 some dollars every two months for four plus years and they could not get rid of them. Nobody has figured out exactly what they are, but I'm SOOOOO happy they are just about gone. Hopefully tomorrow I won't find any!!

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