Thursday, May 15, 2008

Building frustrations...

For those who don't know, we are building a house. The house was suppose to be completed a year ago July 1st. We had to fire our original builder and hired a new one mid December 2007. It took 2 months for the city to get back to the builder and let us know what our options are for sewage. We were told originally we could hook up to the city sewer, but when our new builder looked into it he couldn't figure out a way for us to do that and that was confirmed by the city. So, septic it is and we aren't happy about it!

The 100 days the new builder told us it would take to get the house completed would have been around April 1st, but the city put us behind by approximately 2 months. The house was then suppose to be completed by the end of May, but now that has moved to the middle of June! Just found this out today, and only because I asked!! Also found out today that we don't have enough hard wood floors for my husbands office. We knew this was a possibility and asked our builder when we first started and reminded him again last week, before the trim started. Now the trim is almost done and he finally tells us we don't have enough. So, we ask if we have enough wood laminate flooring, which is going in my craft room. He's going to check into that, but pointed out the thickness of the laminate is thinner than the hard wood and the trim wouldn't look right if we went with laminate. I pointed out that we have been asking him for some time to look at the supplies we already had for the house for this very reason. If he had just checked this all out before starting the trim, this wouldn't be an issue. He did say if need be he would redo the trim in my husbands office!!

Seems like every time we turn around there is another additional cost to building this house!! Things haven't gone so well for us. For those who have built, hope you haven't had the problems we've been having and for those thinking about building...... I wouldn't build again!!

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