Thursday, March 3, 2011

Please Pray for Luke and updates

First, I would like to ask you to pray for Luke. A couple months ago Luke, a 6 year old little boy, was diagnosed with a brain infection. While his family was driving in their car on the last day of 2010 Luke became completely nonresponsive. No movement. No blinking. No talking. Silent. Gone. His parents pulled over and called 911. Luke's father signalled for a police officer at an adjacent stop light to come help. The officer pulled Luke out of his car seat, laid him on the ground and took the phone to speak to the 911 operator. Luke was having a seizure. Luke was eventually take to the hospital in an ambulance and still remains in the hospital. Luke has been in a lot of pain and having trouble sleeping. You can read more about Luke at Here is the latest update. They will be traveling to Mayo in the near future. Please pray for Luke. Here are the family's Prayer Requests:

Sleep for Luke
Mayo travel (Rochester, MN)
Doctors at Mayo
Abram (little brother) - he will go with us on this adventure along with our friend, Lea
Complete Healing

The last couple days haven't gone as planned. I planned on getting a lot done, but have been so tired and had house cleaning and laundry to do, so I haven't gotten much done in the sewing room. The last post stated I would be posting some new designs I will be offering. Well, I haven't gotten anything else stitched out, but I did take some pictures of the other St. Patty's day shirt I stitched out. The design is from here. This shirt is a 4T and is ready to ship if anybody is interested. I stitched out 2 St. Patty's day shirts and my daughter decided she wanted the other shirt, so I'm offering this one up for sale. The shirt is $20.00 and I'm offering free shipping. I can add a bow to the shamrock and/or more crystals around the shirt if you want (free of charge). Please e-mail me if interested and I will send you an invoice.

Happy Thursday!! I'm off to finish up an order and possibly get some new items stitched up.

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