Monday, March 7, 2011

The winnners are.....

Thanks again to everybody who participated in my giveaway. I'll be doing more giveaways as I get more followers on my blog and more facebook fans on my business page. Please continue to spread the word!! I'll be doing my next giveaway when I ready 300 fb fans.....only 56 more fans until the next giveaway.

In the future I will announce the winner on my blog and will give you about 24 hours to respond and claim your prize. If I don't hear back from within that amount of time then I will draw a new winner. You will need to check my blog the day I say I'm going to announce the winner in order to see if you won. This time I e-mailed the winners Friday and gave the winners all weekend to respond and even sent out extra e-mails to those I didn't hear back from as of last night. A couple of the winners didn't claim their prize, so this morning I picked new winners. Now that all the pillows are claimed I would like to announce who they are....

  • (#37) Blue Pillow: Dawn, from DeDa Studios, who said "Just showing some love!!...."
  • (#14) Purple Pillow: CracklinRosie, from Hootie Patootie, who said "Love the pillows!"
  • (#33) Customized Pillow (from blog): greatdeals2010 (Kershy), who said "I visited your website and love the blue monkey taggie blanket under toys~"
  • (#11) Customized Pillow (from facebook): Gretchen, who said "Hey Julie- I found your site through your personal FB page since we went to school together. I love your stuff & my daughters do to...."

Congratulations to all the winners!!

Have a wonderful night!!

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