Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lost tooth

My little boy, who is 5 and just started kindergarten a little over a month ago, lost his first tooth last week. One of my friends had me make a tooth fairy this summer for her 5 year old who had a loose tooth and ever since my son has begged for a tooth fairy pillow of his own. I didn't see any rush in getting it done until he came up to me one day and said, "Mommy, I have a loose tooth. Have you made my tooth fairy pillow?" I didn't believe the loose tooth part until I saw for myself it was really loose and he had a tooth popping up behind it. So, I procrastinated some more until one day last week when he showed me his tooth and it was barely hanging on. That night I stitched up the front and the next day when he came home with the tooth in a plastic bag I stitched up the pillow and let him help me stuff it. Did I mention I knew this was going to be the day? I predicted it when I saw his tooth the day before! Anyway, he was very excited to loose his first tooth and also to help stuff his own pillow. He did a good job stuffing, with just a little extra stuffing from me.

These cute little pillows are going up in my Etsy shop very soon! I'll also be making up a girl version.

My first tooth fairy pillow for my friend's son.

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Nutty Mom said...

All the things you make are SO adorable!