Friday, October 1, 2010

Mommy's Weekend

I shouldn't even be sitting down and blogging, but it's been so long I thought I should at least write something. I haven't even packed yet and I'm getting picked up around 11:15!! I'm leaving the house a mess! I've been busy sewing orders, sewing for fall craft shows, sewing for a gift exchange and sewing for birthday parties! Busy, busy, busy. My house needs to be cleaning, but I haven't spent much time cleaning lately. A bathroom gets cleaned when it looks like it needs it, the floors get vacuumed when I can't stand it any more, dishes get done every day and laundry gets washed and dried, but is still sitting in baskets to be folded. I should be working on packing and folding laundry!!

My MOPS steering group is heading south. I think most of us feel the need to get away once in a while and what's better than a weekend with the girls!! I'm so looking forward to the weekend!! Less than two hours and my ride will be here. Off to pack and do whatever else I can find the time to do!!

Happy Friday!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

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