Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Owl Softie

One of the blogs I check often,, has been featuring fat quarter (FQ) projects each day. Each day I look forward to seeing what the project is for the day. One day was a FQ purse, which I have made 3 of so far, all different (sizes, shapes, etc.). Another day was a cell phone case. I've made one and added a strap, but I didn't like how it turned out, so plan on making some adjustments to the next one. Monday was an Owl Softie, which I fell in love with and spent the day trying to make. There was no tutorial with this one, so I tried to replicated it by looking at the picture. Mine didn't turn out nearly as cute, but it was my first attempt. There is going to be a pattern available at some point for this owl that I may have to buy if I can't get mine looking any better!! Here is the link to blog with the owl, and here is the link to the blogger who made the owl,

Here is my owl....and as you can see it doesn't look nearly as cute!!! It was my first attempt, so I guess it isn't bad for a start. My son's been begging me for it all afternoon, so it may get passed onto him. As you can see I didn't do it exactly like she made it.

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