Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Fighting has begun!!!

Last week we spent the week visiting with my parents. We had a great time, but by Friday I was ready to come home and sleep in my own bed and have the kids in their own rooms. My kids usually sleep in until sometime between 8:00 and 9:00, but while visiting my parents they were up by 7:30 almost every day!! Since we've been home there has been a LOT of arguing between my two little ones and even some arguing between me and each of them. The argument usually starts with my son (4 in April) saying something to my daughter (2 in March) and she says "NO", then he says "YES". As the argument continues the "NO" and "YES" get louder and louder!! Oh, the fun it is listening to them argue. I didn't realize it would start this early and from talking to my brother this is just the beginning and will continue for MANY years!! I so look forward to the years to come!! So, my son and I argue about him cleaning up on a daily basis. I tell him to clean up and he whines that it is too much. My response is always, "you made the mess, you clean it up". One of these days he might learn to get out one thing at a time and put it away before he gets something else out. Today he lied to me!! I asked him to clean up the mess he made in our (my husband's and mine) bedroom while he watched Sesame Street this morning. I reminded him many times he had to clean it up and when we sat down for lunch I asked if he cleaned it up (I forgot to check) and he said yes. A little later when I checked it wasn't cleaned up!! My daughter has started telling me NO when I ask her to do something or give something back to her brother that she isn't suppose to play with. Oh, the joys!!

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~Bekah said...

thanks sooooooo much for ur comment of encouragement! everyone tonight is makin me feel so much better. i will stick to my 25 lb weight-gain goal though. just gotta level it out now and SLOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW down. haha.. thanks so much for reading my complaints and cries and taking the time to reply! stay in touch!
~God bless