Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Travel with little ones...

This past weekend I spent a long weekend visiting family in Twinsburg, Ohio (just outside of Cleveland). It is a five hour trip, so with two little ones I just never know how easy or hard it may be. This trip was a breaze with the two little ones. I always stop 2 to 3 hours into the trip so we can eat lunch and nurse my youngest. The stop is usually over an hour, but so worth the trip. Both ways went fairly well, with only a little whining by the toddler and a little crying by the little one. We dealt with some yucky weather, most of the way there, and had to have the heat on 80 degrees for most of the trip on the way there, due to freezing rain. The trip home we dealt with a little rain and snow, but nothing too bad. I was praying we would make it home safely without stop over night somewhere because when staying overnight in a hotel, I never get a great nights sleep. All in all, it wasn't bad and we made it safely both ways, so no complaints!!

Visiting with family was great!! Arrived at my parents around 4:00 p.m. Friday and family arrived sometime after 6:00. Much of the visit my mom and I talk, a lot. We talk often on the phone, but I don't think we can ever run out of things to talk about. She is due to retire in June from teaching and I can't wait!! More visits and hopefully we will get to work on some projects together!! My dad and I talk some too, but he isn't very talkative most of the time. My mom and I took our usual trip, with the two little ones, to Joann Fabrics, just looking for fabric, but she walked out with a new embroidery machine! I'm so excited for her, but jealous too! She is going to have so much trouble when she retires and has time to play with it!! I can only imagine all the projects she will be working on. I can't afford the one she bought, but thinking about the next model down. It is still a big investment (almost as much as my first car), but there are so many things Iwill be able to do. If I make the purchase I'm gonig to have to start selling a bunch of creations so I have a little spending money!

Also got to see my younger brother and had fun finding houses for him to view. He is in the process of looking for a house, but it is tough finding a house that doesn't require a lot of work in a good neighborhood and in his price range. I'm so excited for him and hope he finds what he is looking for! I'm trying to convince him to move closer to us, so now I need to find him a job and houses in this area. It would be so nice to have him close!! He works in the restaurant business, so it isn't always easy for him to join in the family gatherings unless they are at my parents house and that isn't always possible.

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