Sunday, May 24, 2009

Long list of projects....

I have a long list of projects to work on and need to get motivated! Hopefully in just a few minutes I will get started and accomplish a LOT today! One project is past due, another due to be finished before I head to my parents' on June 10 and the others are projects I just want to get done!

  • baby doll t-shirt(s) (this will be a first, so wish me luck!)
  • birthday gift for a special little 6 year old (better late than never!!)
  • diaper bag set (ordered by a friend I will see when I visit my parents)
  • summer outfits for the kids (several new, cute fabrics to make them some outfits)
  • finish reorganizing my craft room (ongoing project I started a while ago and never finished!)

Here are some fabrics I'm using for the kids' favorite is the robot fabric, which I plan to use for both the kids. A shirt or shorts for my son and probably a dress and some bloomer for my daughter. I'll coordinate the orange and white dots with the robot fabric for my daughter. These fabrics are from Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabrics....stores I don't get to visit often because they are on the other side of town, but I think I will be visiting more often these days!!

Here are some knit fabrics I plan to use for the kids' clothes...

Here are the fabrics my friend picked out for her diaper bag set. The pink and brown ticking stripe is a Michael Miller fabric and the brown is a Kona cotton from Hancock fabrics.

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