Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's been a while...

Wow, has it really been over a month since my last post???? It's been crazy busy these past couple months and I've been bad about blogging!! Last Saturday (Oct. 18) I did a craft show, first one in 2 years. I spent a lot of time sewing to bring a variety of products to the craft show. I didn't get as many things done as hoped, but if you saw my list you would know why!! I really hoped I would sell a lot! I sold some and got a custom order for one of my tag blankets and handed out a LOT of business cards. Although I didn't make a lot, I consider it a success since I made more than I spent to participate and it gets my name out. My goal this next year is to find more places to advertise, participate in more craft shows and make more than just a few hundred dollars for the year. Before I start doing a lot with advertising I really need to get my website up to date. My computer keeps freezing up on me when I'm on the internet, so I'm waiting for hubby to rebuild it and get a second laptop set up exclusively for embroidery. He just left a little while ago to go a a business trip and arrives home early Friday morning (probably around 2 AM). He said he would try to work on it Friday, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! Until then, I need to get my messy craft room back in order, complete the order for the tag blanket (which didn't get done this past week due to visiting with family), start sewing for Christmas and maybe get some other projects started/finished.

Below are some pictures from the craft show. I didn't have a lot of space (one table)...had lots of stuff to show, so I had to be creative. With the help of my wonderful friend, Paula, I was able to get a clothes line up with some clothes and blankets hanging from it. I also got an idea from somebody on the Sew Forum to build a rack out of pegboard and was able to hang a lot of my clothes on it. Next time I will have the rack painted so it looks prettier!!

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