Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beautiful Dreamer and other projects

Here are a few projects I've been working on lately. I have a craft show this weekend, so there are a lot more!!

Just finished testing this nightgown for Ellie Inspired. Beautiful Dreamer will be available for sale very soon.

Pattern I tested for Katie Cupcake. Urban Girl Skirt for little girls. It was cold outside, so my daughter wasn't very cooperative!!

Pattern I tested for Katie Cupcake. Urban Girl Skirt.

Sample for my Craft Show this weekend.

Miss Madeline

Yule Tree fabric by Michael Miller

Another sample for my craft show. Also, a late birthday present for my daughters little friend. I liked it so much I decided it need to be displayed at my show.

Frame from Planet Applique

This was from October, but I never showed the finished dress for my friend's daughter. LOVE how it turned out!!

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Cole's Corner said...

Oh my!!!!!! I LOVE your beautiful dreamer! I want to see the back? How did you do that extra ruffle? or bustle? or whatever that is???
I love it!!!!
Cute skirts, too! and I love the Minnie Mouse dress. The bow on the back is perfect!

I can't wait to see your Christmas pajamas all finished! I know you can do it.