Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, the end of the year didn't end so well for our family, but the new year hasn't started off too bad. The week before Christmas we were all fighting colds, but we recovered in time for Christmas and a visit with my in-laws. Then two days after Christmas my daughter and I came down with the flu! Yuck!! Luckily it was more fatigue for me. For 4 days I couldn't do much more than sleep and sit on the couch in front of the TV. We both spent the 4 days on a very bland diet. By the evening of New Year's Eve I finally got some energy back and by the 2nd I had so much energy I was cleaning the kitchen and refrigerator, which was in bad need of a good clean!! Unfortunately, due to the flu we had to reschedule our Christmas get together with my family for this coming weekend. We lose a day with my brother and his kids because my niece and nephew started back to school today, so they can't come in until Friday evening, but my parents should be arriving Thursday night and staying until Sunday. I can't wait to see my family!! I was very disappointed we had to cancel, but didn't want the rest of the family to get sick!!

Due to sickness I was unable to get all my Christmas presents made, but hope to get everything I wanted to make done this week. The downside to working on it this week is hubby is back to work, so there are a lot more distractions with the kids and housework to do. Oh well, whatever gets done gets done!!

I did get some things done before Christmas. I made 4 pairs of pajamas, one for each of my kids and my niece and nephew. I also completed 2 outfits for my kids to wear Christmas day. I'll have to share some pictures of the outfits in my next post, after I get laundry done and take pictures of the kids pjs. I'll also have some pictures of presents I have completed in the last couple days, once I figure out if I have a way to get pictures off the SD card from my new camera.

Happy Monday!!

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