Wednesday, November 12, 2008

9 Patch Quilt Blocks

For Christmas I'm going to make my younger brother some pillows for his new couch. His couch is a sage green and I'm waiting for pictures to see if I have some fabric that will work with his couch. While shopping at Joann's (one of my favorite stores!!) on Saturday and I looked for some fabrics that might work for his pillows. I will see him Thanksgiving and plan to send some scraps home with him so he can see if any of them work. As I was picking them out I was noticing how well they all go together. Then the other day I came across directions for 9 patch quilt blocks ( and thought it was the perfect quilt block to make a quilt for my brother. Now I'm really hoping one of the fabrics I picked will work for his pillows, but if not, I have started a quilt to sell. Here are my first 9 quilt blocks....

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